Guided Tour in Waterford

Christmas Spirit in Waterford City

What a great way to get into the spirit of Christmas – Winterval in Waterford – still time to go

Waterford in the South-East of Ireland has a lot to offer for the entire family.

For history buffs – visit the oldest Norman tower on the island: Reginalds’ tower where you can explore the Viking past of this city.

Built on the remains of a timber structure it is nothing short of history and interesting features inside.

…or why not take a look in the newly built Medieval Museum – which houses Santas Grotto. So you can entertain the kids as well as yourself…

and why not get the discount ticket which covers for the entrance into the Bishops Palace as well.

Again… loads to see for the little ones while you enjoy the re-enactment of Waterfords rich history.

Get yourself onto the horse-drawn carriage to get an idea of Winterval – the Christmas Festival in Waterford.

Make sure you get a ride on the nostalgic carousel or try out a day in a Viking village.

All well done and makes you hungry for more – don’t worry, nobody has to get hungry or thirsty here. A lot of huts prepare food from all over the world.

And when you get tired why not relax in Reg’s pub where you can enjoy a continental mulled wine while your kids enjoy a Christmas movie.

Make sure you don’t miss the light show after dark behind the Medieval Museum.

As there is so much to see and do in Waterford city alone- we intend to go down again soon. From an Ice-rink to a petting zoo and many more attractions, not to forget the friendly people we met during our 3-day stay.

Waterford also has ample parking ability around the city which is easily accessible from Carlow and anywhere else in the country due to great roadworks and ample sign posting. There is also plenty of accommodation for every pocket available. From B&Bs on the outskirts of the city up to 4-Star-Hotels with all amenities.

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