Teeling Tasting Single Pot Still Batch 2

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Review of Teelings Single Pot Still Batch 2

Thank you so much Dave O’Connell from davesirishwhiskey for having me at a special whiskey tasting in Teeling Distillery recently, sampling the new release of their Single Pot Still Batch 2
After a tour of the distillery, Alex Chasco, the master distiller talked us through the journey of their Pot Still so far.
We got to taste the raw spirit first, the poitín, then Batch 1, finishing off with Batch 2


Serghios Florides, Peter White and Alex Chasco (master distiller)



The heart of the distillery

It was fascinating to taste all 3 spirits side by side.

This review is by no means perfect, I am writing my own perception


All set for the Tasting

The Poitín has a strength of 52.5 % and is a clear spirit. The nose I got, was pear which continued to the palate, sweet, fruity and reminded me of pear schnapps I had in Southern Germany.
This spirit is maturing in sherry butts, American oak casks and white wine cask to become the Pot Still

Teeling Single Pot Still Batch 1
I get a nose of orchard fruits, this time the pear is still there but I also get a hint of apple
On the palate it feels fruity, but also peppery spice at the front of the tongue. It’s very zesty with a long finish.
A drop of water opens up the nose to make it even more fruity and on the palate the spice was more prominent. A very promising drop, very light and raw.

Teeling Single Pot Still Batch 2
This is the very same spirit as batch 1, only it is matured for 4 more months. What a difference.
On the nose it’s milder but deeper and again pear and apple. On the palate the zestiness is gone, instead I have a set of nice spices, a bit peppery and very light on the front of the tongue. It’s taste is more refined than Batch 1.
I like the long lasting finish.
A drop of water brings out the fruitiness and the typical Pot Still Spices

There were only 6,000 bottles available of Batch 1 when it was launched in October 2018 and they were sold out in a very short time.

There are 10,000 bottles released for Batch 2, which are already available in the distillery and will be on sale in selected shops in Ireland.
This won’t be the last batch of the Single Pot Still and I am looking forward to the next few releases. When four month make such a difference, what will happen in a few  years time?
If you want a more refined nose and tasting, WhiskeyTalk2U  has a great blog about it.